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May 23,2023

HIDDEN IRIS make a surprise appearance at the
Handlebar, in Kensington Market in Toronto. The boyz performed two songs and blew up the stage, starting off with their banger, 'Stars', and then followed up with 'Devoid'. Those lucky in attendance got an explosive taste of this band's black belt level sound.

May 15,2023

Julien takes his turn to enter Black Tail Recording and smack down their heavy guitar drops. The music is sounding so good and beckons for the vocals to make it complete. Stay tuned for this wicked music to be released. It's going to be fire!


May 5,2023

Andrei stepped up and laid down some killer bass tracks at Black Tail Recording studio for Hidden Iris' upcoming 3-song EP that will set fire to your summer playlists.


April 28,2023

HIDDEN IRIS entered Atlas Sound to record the drum tracks for their upcoming 3-song EP. Black Tail Recording's producer, Michael Defaria, was a mastermind alongside his drum technician, Wally, the owner of Atlas Sound.
Vlad's performance was spectacular and the band certainly have three powerful drum tracks that are absolute fire.
Next, the band will meet with Michael at his Black Tail Recording studio to laydown the guitar and bass tracks, followed by vocals.
Stay tuned!!!

March 16,2023

HIDDEN IRIS has been silently auditioning and practicing their butts off this winter, and NOW, would like to announce their newest drummer and member of Hidden Iris.
Let's welcome, Vlad, to the band and to the stage very soon.
The band is WARNING in advance.
This year will be fiiiire.


February 1,2023

HIDDEN IRIS have decided to collaborate with producer, Michael Defaria, from Black Tail Recording, and are preparing to enter the studio around April to record three bomb tracks.

The band has begun the pre-production and are brewing a firestorm. Get ready for another amazing year of new music and killer live shows.


January 18,2023

HIDDEN IRIS sadly announced toady that their first live performance of 2023, at the Atria in Oshawa, will have to be cancelled due to covid affecting the health of one of the members. The band wants everyone to know that this is just a temporary pause and expect a fiery return to the stage very soon and maybe at a venue near you. Keep your ear to the ground!


January 1,2023

December 5,2022

HIDDEN IRIS will be kicking off the 2023 new year 
with an out of town show at The Atria, in Oshawa, Ont.
This live performance will take place

January 21, 2023


The Atria Poster.jpg

November 19,2022

Unbelievable end of the season performance last night!!
Despite slight adversity when Julien's guitar string broke half way through their set, HIDDEN IRIS prevailed and made it look easy by still rocking on and delivering a killer show.
Here they are performing their opening song, 'Diode'.

November 1,2022

HIDDEN IRIS is returning to Sneaky Dee's
Get your tickets now to see them perform live.
A third eye opening experience you don't want to miss!!


October 16,2022

A show like no other, HIDDEN IRIS delivered the goods at Sneaky Dee's last night and performed their hearts out.
Their original black belt level sound was heard by the fortunate ones who were there to experience this memorable night.

September 30,2022

Get your tickets now for HIDDEN IRIS
This will be their final show of the summer... don't miss out!!!

Hidden Iris will be performing a final show of the summer at the one and only, Sneaky Dee's - October 15, 2022

September 6,2022

Returning to the historic, Linsmore Tavern,
HIDDEN IRIS gave a spectacular show
and those who were there to witness this performance, felt the wrath of their awesome black belt level sound.

HIDDEN IRIS live at the Linsmore Tavern, in Toronto, Ont. - September 6, 2022

August 25,2022

HIDDEN IRIS have just announced they are booked, locked and loaded to perform an end of the summer show at the one and only, Sneaky Dee's. This show is presented by
A-Minor Promotions. Stay tuned for more details!!!

August 18,2022

HIDDEN IRIS performed their hearts out up north in Moose Factory last night. They gave a spectacular show at the
2022 Gathering Of Our People 
Pow Wow and Music Festival
on August 17th
Presented by Moose Cree First Nation

HIDDEN IRIS live at the Gathering Of Our People festival in Moose Factory, Ont. - August 17, 2022

August 15,2022

Here is another glimpse of HIDDEN IRIS performing live at Sneaky Dee's. This memorable night was lit up. The band left their fiery souls on this epic stage.

August 14,2022

HIDDEN IRIS gave a face melting performance last night at the legendary Sneaky Dee's. Watch them below as they kill their audience with a fist clenching song called 'Mess'.

August 07,2022

Don't miss your chance to see HIDDEN IRIS perform a dynamite set at Sneaky Dee's this Saturday, August 13th.
This will be their last show in Toronto before they fly to Moosonee to perform at GOOP 2022, in Moose Factory.



July 24,2022

Just announced!!!
HIDDEN IRIS will be performing live in
Moose Factory, Ont. at the
2022 Gathering Of Our People 
Pow Wow and Music Festival
on August 17th
Presented by Moose Cree First Nation

Stay tuned for link to live feed


July 01,2022

08 - Aug 13 - Hidden Iris - Sneaky Dee's.jpeg

June 15,2022

HIDDEN IRIS gave a spectacular performance at the legendary, Lee's Palace. This was their first show as a headlining band and they didn't disappoint. Here is them performing 'Sever'

June 6,2022

Don't miss this historic night!!!
click here to purchase tickets now

Lee's Poster June 15, 20922.jpeg

May 31,2022

Mind blowing performance!!!
HIDDEN IRIS rocked the house with nine
lethal songs at the legendary Linsmore Tavern.
The band was featured at this 'Indie Tuesday' event.
Here is their performance of  'Diode'


May 17,2022

HIDDEN IRIS showed up at Handlebar's open mic to perform an awesome performance of 'Hero Down' and 'Sever'. The crowd was certainly not disappointed.
Here's a short clip of them wowing the audience with their new song 'Sever'

April 26,2022

Unbelievable performance again at Handlebar.
HIDDEN IRIS gave a lethal injection of two songs and the crowd was left ablaze and buzzing for more. The band was even caught signing autographs afterwards.
Here is a short teaser clip of them performing 'Diode'

April 22,2022

HIDDEN IRIS officially dropped their 3 song EP today and it is now available to the world to download on any of your favourite music streaming platforms

  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud

April 21,2022

April 20, 2022

April 14, 2022

3 songs have been recently recorded
and blessed by the
Rock Gods
Get ready for the drop on

April 22, 2022 at 2:22pm

Let's make this Earth a better place by adding these killer songs to your playlists this summer

Will be available on all popular streaming platforms

April 12, 2022

HIDDEN IRIS showed up for the open mic 
at The Painted Lady, and gave another sneaky 2 song showcase of their lethal music and performed 'Stink Eye Maker' and 'Devoid'

"And the crowd went crazy!!!"

April 5, 2022

Just announced!!!
HIDDEN IRIS has joined forces with

A-Minor Live Music Promotions
and confirmed they are booked
to perform live at the legendary

Saturday, August 13th, 2022

More show details to come, so stay tuned!!

March 31, 2022

HIDDEN IRIS gave an epic live performance at the Rockpile Bar & Nightclub.
Here's a short clip of them showcasing their song 'Diode' like a boss!!!

March 30, 2022

March 13, 2022


HIDDEN IRIS lounge, where they rehearse and create the magic.

February 26-27, 2022


Number 9 Audio Group Studio

Stay tuned for updates on where to
download their music
and add killer songs
to your playlists this year


Hidden Iris will make their mark in history with stellar live performances throughout 2022.
Don't miss out!!!
Stay connected and follow them for all their latest news on show dates.

Get ready!!!
Hidden Iris
is coming
to a venue
near you

Heavy Rock shows you won't want to miss!!

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