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Hidden Iris Members

Julien Lachance - Guitar & Lead Vocals

Vlad Yudin - Drums

Andrei Cucit - Bass & Vocals

Toronto's alternative metal  band, Hidden Iris, is a hard-hitting rock group that delivers an unparalleled and intense sound to the music industry. Their music is a blend of melodious yet forceful elements, inspired by the heavy rock and 90s grunge genres.


Their skill in producing original riffs, soaring notes and heavy distortion drops makes every track a journey of introspection and profound contemplation. Their songs take you on a journey of exploration into consciousness and deep perspectives.


When it comes to music, the members of Hidden Iris are passionate about delivering authentic, high-voltage performances that leave audiences wanting more. Their recent three-song EP release reflects that passion and showcases their ability to craft unforgettable tunes that will stick with you long after the last note fades away. So if you're looking for music to inspire your spirit, find your way to their next show and let Hidden Iris electrify your senses.



Julien - Singer/Guitarist from HIDDEN IRIS

Photo by Nicole Shantz

With his infectious energy and sense of humor, Julien Lachance commands the stage as lead vocalist and guitarist of his electrified heavy rock band. His song writing draws inspiration from both personal experiences and the perspectives of fictional characters, resulting in a diverse range of moods and emotions within their music.


Julien's guitar riffs and vocal melodies are both creative and memorable, blending seamlessly together to create a sound that is both powerful and captivating. His unique vocal style ranges from soft crooning to raw, sustained screams that send shivers down your spine.


When he's not rocking out on stage, Julien spends his days working for an indigenous agency that helps house the homeless community. He's also a talented artist, creating abstract pieces and oil paintings, and playing piano and acoustic guitar for his beloved cats. On the weekends, he escapes to his forest camp where he can commune with nature through hiking, swimming, and enjoying the bonfire under the stars.



With bone-shaking bass tones that create a spine-tingling buzz, Andrei Cucit harnesses the power of low dark notes that transport listeners deep into the night. His hands generate a growling bass sound that emanates from his electrified amp, providing the backbone for his musical creations.

Ever since his youth, Andrei has been consumed with a passion for heavy music. He eagerly takes part in mosh pits whenever attending metal concerts, and often initiates them himself.

This towering six-foot-four rebel rock star is bedecked with tattoos, including iconic horror figures like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers adorning his forearms. These tattoos highlight his ominous presence on stage as he unleashes his bass guitar like a madman.

Fearless in his performance, Andrei is unafraid to take center stage and captivate audiences with his rip-roaring bass sound, leading his band with unbridled intensity.

Andrei, bassist of the band HIDDEN IRIS

Photo by Carly Boomer




Vlad Yudin's captivating beats will have you moving to the rhythm in no time. His magnetic charm is not the only thing keeping your attention; it's the ease with which he dominates the drums and sets groovy tempos.


As a kid, he was the cool and collected one in class, always tapping a beat with his pen, hands or feet. Having grown up in a suburb just north of Toronto, ON, he gravitated towards the rock and metal tunes of the 90's and early 2000's.


Although he polished his piano and guitar skills, it was the drums' physicality that captured his heart the most. Off-stage, Vlad spends his leisure time composing and recording music, pumping iron, and cycling.

Photo by Carly Bloomer


Photo by Carly Boomer

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